Restorative Exercise™

What is Restorative Exercise?

Restorative Exercise™ (RE) is an active way to aid in restoring your body to its correct alignment, and in turn, the most optimal way of moving.  Think of your body as a machine (which, really, it is!) and your “human machine” is not unlike any other machine in that, in order to perform at its best, reduce wear and tear, and increase longevity, it must be used in alignment.  (You wouldn’t drive a high performance sports car with its tires out of alignment, would you?)  It is a program created by bio-mechanist Katy Bowman, director of The Restorative Exercise™ Institute, and is based on the sciences of physics, geometry, engineering and biology and how they are applied to human anatomy. Our modern lifestyle has lead us to rearrange our bodies out of natural alignment. RE can help correct this misalignment and restore our bodies to an optimal level of wellness, by using our bodies the way they were designed to be used.

Who Needs it?

Restorative Exercise  is for EVERY BODY!  Everyone’s body needs and can benefit from Restorative Exercise™. It is the path that leads to wellness, and from wellness you can go anywhere. Whether you are an athlete, young or old, living in a healthy body or one in need of repair, Restorative Exercise™ can help.

What We Need To Correct

Simply by being alive in our culture today, your body has developed movement patterns and habits that are not beneficial. Specifically, your muscles are not at their optimal lengths and your skeleton is held in unnatural positions. By becoming aware of these habits and working to correct them, you can help your body function better. Your entire body- from muscles and joints right down to your cells- can improve. Every moment of every day holds the opportunity to be improving instead of deteriorating.

Fitness Vs. Wellness

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are, or even if you have any. This program is not about improving your body’s fitness level. Fitness is how well you can perform a chosen skill (How long can you run? How much can you lift? Can you climb a hill without breathing heavily?).  All admirable goals to be sure, and something I can certainly help you with,  but Restorative Exercise™ is about achieving alignment in your body that will help with everyday life and your overall health.  If you are an athlete you will most assuredly benefit from RE; but Restorative Exercise™ is not about gaining fitness but rather optimizing your whole body’s wellness.

As a Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist™ (RES-CPT), I can help you attain this improved level of alignment, which in turn results in a more optimal level of function of your body.  Restorative Exercise can help you on the path to greater wellness.

Want to know more?  Ready to set up an appointment for an alignment assessment and to discover how RE can benefit you?  Contact me today.

2 thoughts on “Restorative Exercise™

  1. i was going to send a message to your gmail account and a “pfishing” warning came up, so I will just reach out to you here. I just discovered Restorative Exercise on the internet today and it lead me to you. I am very interested in learning more about it as I am very tight and out of alignment. I have been struggling my whole life with these issues. I read a blog about “w” sitting and lightbulbs went off! I had no idea that my sitting in such a way would affect me so. Of course I was just an adolescent at the time. I remember my mother telling me I didn’t start walking until after my second birthday. I was born with 2 fused vertebra also. I have tried many things: chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage, personal trainers and although they did help, it was hard to keep doing it because it HURTS. I know that old adage: no pain no gain, but if I could finally find something to help me at the foundation…I am more than willing to do the work. I am 47 years old and I have a lot of living to do!

    • Hi Lori! Thank you for reaching out! I would love to talk with you about Restorative Exercise and how I can help you! The account should work – feel free to email me there if you are comfortable doing so, or privately message me on my Tenacious Training FB page so we can start chatting. 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!

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