TRX Training with a Balance Pad

We are all looking for stability in our lives. But what if a little instability was a good thing?
One simple way to bring instability safely into your training is to use a balance pad, and I find it’s a fabulous pairing with the TRX; you get the benefit of using those stabilizer muscles and can use it in a variety of ways.
In the video below, I’m incorporating a balance pad with the TRX for lunges, knee-ins (single and double) a narrow squat (both feet on the pad), a pull up progression (ok, the pad is mostly a cushion here) and squats with the pad under one foot at a time with a knee drive. All of these challenge my body in different ways, and work my muscles that will help support the variety and instability often found on the trails. Plus,  I find it fun…and challenging!
Although this video is sped up, you can still see I am using a slower tempo; in this case, speeding often allows for cheating which we don’t want!  Think slow and controlled.
So yeah, training with a little instability to become MORE stable is a good thing!


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