Never Summer 100k

I just got back from an amazing weekend running the Never Summer 100k in Gould, Colorado.  This event is 64.2 miles long, has 13k feet of gain, and runs at an average of 10.2k feet, with the tallest peak taking us to almost 12k, (with a grade of approx 50% – yeeehaw!)

Due to some date conflicts with my “A” race later this Fall, I signed up for this race late in order to snag my WS100 qualifier; hitting the “Sign Up” button less then a month before it took place. I didn’t have the training under my legs I would normally have with such a daunting event, nor the altitude conditioning, and frankly, for this ND residing flat lander, this race was a HUGE stretch for me comfort wise.  I can comfortably say this race is the first race I signed up for that I didn’t have 100% confidence I was ready for.  At least not physically.  But I believe life should be about taking the leap, and daring to do big, scary, and at times uncomfortable things, so I went for it.

My amazing friend Jeff and I agreed to run it together; a day (and night) full of immersing ourselves with good energy, amazing people, and breathtaking views.  This was, by far, the MOST challenging, awe inspiring, badass event I have ever done.  I have never felt both so humbled during and so empowered after an event.

We DID meet the most amazing people (a shout out to my wolf pack!), we DID see the most incredible sights, and we DID finish this amazing race, earning our qualifiers in the process.

Words could never do the event justice, so please enjoy this slideshow from the day.


I cannot recommend the Never Summer 100k enough.  Without sounding cheesy, this isn’t just a race, it’s an experience that will stick with you long after you cross the finish line.

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